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       9/2/2002 - The Stuka has arrived for IL-2!
UbiSoft has released the 1.2 upgrade for IL-2! This ~28 meg upgrade adds the four new flyable aircraft to IL-2, most notable of which is the Ju-87 B-2 Stuka! Let the horns of Jericho sound! Hmmmm.... I suddenly feel like pulling out my The Wall CDs for some strange reason... oh well, like the last patch, recommends downloading the new file from either of these sites:

    ~S~, I have to now get back to practicing my dive-bombing.

  •        6/10/2002 - UbiSoft releases the 1.1 patch/upgrade for IL-2
    UbiSoft released today the much anticipated 1.1 patch/upgrade for IL-2. In the patch are 10 new flyable planes and number gameplay fixes and tweaks! There are two patches available, one for the out of the box version (~ 70 Mb) and the other to install on top of 1.04b (~30Mb). recommends downloading either of the huge patches from one of these two sites:

    ~S~ and Happy flying!

  •        6/6/2002 - UbiSoft announces 1.1 official addon available for June 10th
    UbiSoft announced today that testing of the official 1.1 addon is nearly complete, and currently it is planned for release on Monday. For more details of this eagerly anticipated patch for IL-2, visit the official site at

           6/1/2002 - IL-2 1.1 "beta" patch gets leaked to the public
    In an interesting turn of events, a beta version of the up-coming 1.1 patch was placed on a Chinese flight sim site early Saturday morning. UbiSoft immediately denounced this patch as being a beta and has since requested that the patch not be distrubuted any further. Among other fixes, this patch is more of an upgrade for IL-2 containing 10 new flyable arcraft including the I-16, Yak-1, Mig-3s, FW-190 A8, and Bf-109 E variants. Full details are available at

           5/10/2002 - P.11c skin template available for IL-2
    A new photoshop skin template is available for the P.11c compliments of Rook here at Just click here to download the .ZIP file. Click on the snapshot below to see a sample skin created with the template.

           4/17/2002 - LucaArts and TotallyGames announce a new WWII Flight Sim
    In an effort to re-enter the flight sim market and rekindle their former glory from over ten years ago (a la "Battle of Britain:Their Finest Hour"), LucasArts today announced it's new relationship with game legend Lawrence Holland and his company TotallyGames to develop a new WWII flight sim inspired by one of their former titles, "Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe". You can read the full press release here.

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